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1st Grade

Matt Rogers  

P2 serves boys and girls in grades 1-2 who are under 8 years old on October 1.  P2 is an introductory division with a slight more emphasis on rules than P1.  An advanced  6-year-old may consider playing up to D1.  The goal height for this division is 8'6" and the ball size is 28.5".   Teams meet once a week, typically on Saturdays, for a practice/game combo.  There are about 10 practice/game combos per season.  There are no tryouts in this division.  All players are assigned by league officials based on school and availability. 

Basketball Size - Primary 2, 27.5"
Goal Height - 8.5'

1. One referee officiating.
2. Each team will get 1 hour practice time during the week which will be scheduled by the Parks and Rec office and 15 minute pre-game time prior to playing their game.
3. Scoreboard is reset to zero after each quarter.
4. One coach from each team on opposite side of their bench on court during the whole game. They still have to stay out of the three point arc.
5. Players must guard their color wristband. No double-teaming defense. Referee may opt to sit player if player continues to ignore this rule.
6. Running 6 minute quarters.
7. Coach may call time around 3 minute mark of each quarter to sub.
8. Players line up at mid-court facing the basket they score in. Align with opposing wristband color. This is to begin each quarter.
9. Jump ball begins game. Alternating possession to start subsequent quarters. Ball is thrown in from offensive baseline to begin subsequent quarters.
10. Defense applied only after ball crosses midcourt.
11. Player must attempt to dribble:  At least one dribble before and after crossing midcourtPlayer must dribble at least once each time he crosses entire lane Violation results in turnover
12. Referee may call hard shooting foul for each team, one foul per team per half. Shooter gets two free throws from second hash-mark of lane. Coaches quickly come on floor to line players up for free throws.
13. Only water bottles with lids are allowed on the bench. No cups of any kind.
14. Fast break situation: All 10 players must be across half court for the arm band rule to be in effect.
 15. Each player will play 2 quarters.
16. Any player scoring 12 points during regulation play remains in the game subject to playing rules, but may not score during the remainder of regulation play. Once a player reaches max points and is fouled the players coach will designate a player to shoot FT. If a player exceeds the maximum points his basket is disallowed and his team will lose possession of the ball.
17. Each team will provide a score keeper each game.

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