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Division III


2022-23 Commissioner:

Scott Gordon

C: (270) 779-5605

E: [email protected]


2022 SUMMER HOOPS Commissioner:

Bryant Phillips

C: (270) 418-8334

E: [email protected]




Division 3 serves boys in grades 7 & 8 for the current academic year (Summer Hoops is for students going into grades 7 & 8 for the upcoming academic year).  Division 3 uses full enforcement of KHSAA rules.  Teams have a maximum of three (3) contacts at any site per week including both games and practices.  There are approximately 10 games per season plus a post-season tournament (excluding Summer Hoops which does not hold a tournament).  Division 3 does have tryouts to showcase skills to coaches and all players are drafted. All players are placed in the same draft pool, regardless of school affiliation.



These bylaws contain exceptions and clarifications to the rules and regulations of KHSAA. In the event that these bylaws are in conflict with the Constitution of the WCYBL, the constitution will adhere to the Rules Governing Play/ Exceptions to KHSAA Rules of Play


Practice and Game Times

1.       All games will be played according to the dates, times, and locations established by the Board of Directors. This includes regular season, tournament, and all-star games.

2.       Only the WCYBL League President and the Director of the WCPR may cancel, postpone game(s), and/or alter the game schedule due to school schedule changes, inclement weather, holidays etc.

3.       Games will be played in quarters and will have an 8-minute running game clock. The clock will stop at the last minute of each quarter.  Half time will be five minutes and a ten-minute warm-up period will precede all games.  A tie game at the end of regulation play will result in a 3:00 minute overtime period. 

4.       For league standings, all games will count.  If a league is separated into divisions, division games will count toward division standings.  (Summer Hoops does not have standings or a tournament.)

-         For Tiebreakers, WCYBL will use the following order to break the tie.

1. Head-to-head result
2. 2-way Tie Coin Flip
3. 3-way Random Draw  

5.       Free throws will be administered from the standard high school distance from the basket (15 feet).

6.       An offensive player will be allowed 3 seconds in the lane.

7.       Two officials will be assigned to all games.

8.       Mercy Rule: A running clock will start when a team has a 25 point lead and will only be stopped for timeouts or for an injured player.

9.       Forfeitures

-          A game forfeiture will occur (and the forfeiting team will be charged with a loss) if...

o   A team does not arrive at the scheduled game time.

o   A team does not have at least four eligible players to begin the game.

o   The lead referee in the performance of his/her duties, decides that the behavior of one team (including players, coaches, and spectators) is too disruptive or unsportsmanlike for the contest to maintain its integrity.

-          In the event of a double forfeit, both teams will be charged with a loss.

-          A team having a third forfeit will be ineligible for tournament play.





1.       Adult size basketball (29.5) will be used.

2.       Goal height will be 10 feet.

3.       Players must be in proper uniform with jersey tucked into shorts to be eligible to play. No writing on uniform. No cutting or tearing of uniform.

4.       Uniforms shall consist of the following: Jersey, shorts, socks, tennis shoes. A minimum of four- to six-inch number on the front and six-inch number on the back of the jersey is required.  





1.       Players must participate in one full quarter (buzzer to buzzer) unless injury, sickness, or fouls prevent them from remaining eligible to play. Information will be kept by the scorekeeper during the game. Failure to play a player the required time will result in the head coach being ejected from that game. The game will continue to be played but will be listed in the book as a forfeit. The coach will then be suspended for 1 game. If a second offense of playing time occurs, the coach will be suspended for the rest of the season. The protest of the playing time violation during a game must be brought

2.       Coaches may restrict a player’s playing time for disciplinary reasons, but if play time is to be reduced or suspended due to non-participation in practice, fighting, cursing, injury, sickness, etc., the coach must contact the parent and Division Commissioner prior to the contest with explanation. Players attending any school activity or function is NOT a reason for any disciplinary action.

3.       A player arriving late (after initial tip) loses his right to participate in games. The coach may use his own discretion toward playing the late individual, but will be held accountable for play time rules based on the number of players present at the opening tip.

4.       Tournament play – Play time for tournament play will be the same as during the regular season with the exception that individual players are only required to play one full quarter rather than two.

5.       At the discretion of the referee, any effort to manipulate the play time regulations by faking an illness, fouling out intentionally, or encouraging another to do so may result in a technical foul assessed to the head coach and/or player and removal of the offending player and/or coach. This removed player may not be replaced.

6.       There will be no required playtime in all-star play. Coaches may substitute in and out using KHSAA guidelines.   





Definition of a Press: The application of pressure, either direct or indirect to the opposing team in the backcourt.


1.       Once a team secures the ball in a non-press situation the defensive team must retreat to half court before defense can be applied. Turnovers cannot occur in the backcourt as a result of direct or indirect defensive pressure. The defending team cannot deflect, tip, or intercept the ball in the backcourt. The defending team cannot apply pressure which results in an offensive player losing control of the ball or stepping out of bounds. If this occurs, the ball will be awarded to the offensive team and a warning issued to defending team. Repeated offenses will result in a one-shot technical foul.

-          Exceptions

o   Player 1 loses control of the ball of his own accord, the defending team can secure the ball in the backcourt. (Example: Player 1 dribbles off his leg and ball is rolling on the floor.)

o   If defending team has retreated to half court and the offensive team attempts to pass the ball to half court the defending team can steal, deflect, or tip the pass when it is at or near half court (1 step). (Example: Defender retreats to half court, turns, and offensive player passes to intercept the pass.)  

2.       Pressing will be allowed during the entire season and the tournament.  Pressing is allowed unless the team has a 20-point lead.  The team trailing by 20 or more points may continue to press for the remainder of the game.

3.       The officials have the ruling power to decide if contact is incidental or a set planned defense resulting in contact on a dislodged ball on defense initiated the loss of possession. Two players struggling for a loose ball or making contact to a ball immediately after possession is NOT a press and is NOT an illegal defense. If, a player gains possession and then throws the ball to the other team in the backcourt. This is NOT a press or an illegal defense. This is a loose ball.





1.       Maximum of 8 players per team; unless approved by the league Board of Directors.

2.       Official team roster must contain name, address, school, date of birth, age, grade. Players appearing on the official team roster will play for that team the entire season unless otherwise provided by the Board of Directors.

3.       A player may not participate on an elementary, middle, junior high, or high school team while participating in the WCYBL.

4.       No eligible child will be denied the opportunity to participate upon proper registration. Late registrants will be distributed to teams by the Division Commissioner as needed and are NOT GUARANTEED a team in their school district or to play at all.

5.       Registering after the final deadline will be placed on a waiting list and assigned to a team as the needs of the league dictate, but are not guaranteed a right to participate if no spot becomes available.

6.       An individual restricted from participation in WCYBL is not to attend any WCYBL sponsored event including but not limited to practice, meetings, awards ceremonies, etc.    

7.       (*SUMMER HOOPS ONLY*) Each team can provide a scorekeeper to sit at the scorekeeper’s table.

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