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2nd Grade

Tim Hogue  

LITTLE HOOPSTERS 2ND GRADE DIVISION who are under 8 years old on August 31st. This is an advanced division from the 1st grade division with more emphasis on basketball rules.  Goal height is 8’5” and the ball size is 28.5”. There are no tryouts for this division, all players are assigned by league officials based on school and availability.



Basketball Size – 28.5

Goal Height – 8’5”


·         One referee will officiate

·         Each team will be allotted 10 minute warm-up prior to game

·         Scoreboard will reset to zero (0) at the end of each quarter

·         One coach from each team may stand on the opposite end line of their bench to assist in game play.

·         Time will be kept using running 8 minute quarters

·         Each team gets one (1) timeout per half. Each team may substitute at that timeout. There will be no stoppage of play at the mid-point of each quarter for substitutions.

·         Each player MUST play a minimum of two (2) quarters. 5 players per team on the court.


Start of Play:

·         A jump ball at the mid circle will begin each game. Alternate possession arrow will start all subsequent quarters. Ball will be inbounded by the offense to start each quarter at the baseline of the offensive team’s backcourt to allow more ball handling experience.

Offensive Rules of Play:

·         Dribbling is a vital fundamental practice of basketball thus dribbling is required to be utilized in the front court. A ball handler who takes more than two (2) steps without dribbling will be called for a violation resulting in a turnover at inbound location nearest violation. Offensive player MAY use a second hand to aid in ball handling to ensure dribbling is utilized. Double dribble WILL NOT be called to ensure basic dribbling fundamentals are in place. An offensive player MAY NOT attempt a shot by leaving the ground and then return to dribbling, this will be called a violation and a turnover.

·         There will be NO violations in the backcourt as there is no pressing or defense allowed in the backcourt. The referee, as part of player development, upon more than two steps without dribbling shall sound his/her whistle to instruct player on proper mechanic of dribbling. This will be a point of interruption resumption by same player upon referee start of play after defense is properly located in front court. This is to allow proper dribbling mechanics to be enforced without penalty due to inability to defend in the backcourt.

·         Screening is a fundamental piece of basketball and is a legal action provided the screener is in a reasonable legal screening position. The referee will allow slight movement by the screener but is to call a violation on the offensive team if the screener runs without stopping to set the screen, pushes or holds the defensive player.

Defensive Rules of play:

·         Players will NOT utilize wrist bands but will guard the player designated by their coach.

·         There will be NO zone defense allowed or double team/trapping UNLESS the ball handler is in the lane. Coaches are expected to adhere to the no zone/no trapping rule and any direct or continuous violations of the rule will be addressed by commissioner and board.

·         There will be no pressing or defensive pressure of any kind in the backcourt once the offensive teams gains legal possession. Defense will only begin once offensive team legally enters the front court.

·         Since screening is allowed by the offensive team the defense WILL be allowed to “hedge” or “switch”. Since wristbands are not utilized the official will not be monitoring the color of the two opponents. The official will solely be monitoring to ensure no double teams unless screen occurs in the lane area. If double team occurs official will whistle a dead ball and provide a throw in at the nearest inbound location.


·         Fouls are to be called by referee when the foul is aggressive in nature or clearly prohibits the offensive player form making a legal offensive action. This is subjective by nature and coaches are expected to train and enforce proper actions to ensure the game is played as intended.

·         There will be no record keeping of personal fouls HOWEVER if, in the opinion of the official, the foul is of an intentional nature that player will be directed to leave the game for the remainder of the quarter.

·         Hard shooting fouls are to be called and free throws administered. There will be no bonus applied only hard shooting fouls resulting in two free throws attempted from the second hash mark of the lane.

·         Coaches are allowed to enter the floor to quickly line up players for FT attempt. It is expected that coaches practice this action during practices as the clock will be running.

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