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The Warren County Youth Basketball League is a not for profit organization founded for the purpose of  providing children interested in basketball a chance to play basketball under a properly organized and supervised program. All divisions will play by the Kentucky High School

Athletic Association’s (KHSAA) rules of play for basketball except where alterations appear in the constitution and by-laws.


The official name of the organization is the Warren County Youth Basketball League, Inc.

ARTICLE II – Affiliation(s)

The WCYBL will not be associated with any nationally recognized basketball association.  The WCYBL will maintain an affiliation with the Warren County Parks and Recreation (WCPR) and will act in compliance with WCPR rules and regulations in all operations.   When there is a conflict with the rules and regulations between the WCPR and WCYBL, the WCPR rules will prevail.

ARTICLE III – Objectives and Principles

The objectives of this organization will be to extend, promote, develop, supervise, and voluntarily assist the youth in the game of basketball, while stressing the importance of the integrity, sportsmanship, and fair play.

ARTICLE IV – Governing Body

The league will be governed by a Board of Directors that consists of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Division Commissioners, representative of the WCPR department and at large directors. The executive committee will consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The membership is made up of all parents who have paid registration fees (1 vote per family by parent/guardian, regardless of the number of children in that family who register). The Board will be elected at the end of each season for the following

The Board of Directors will make decisions concerning league play, policies, procedures, and/or regulations based on the constitution, by-laws, WCPR, rules and regulations and KHSAA official rules of play.

The Board will set registration fees based on the financial needs of the league.

All league policies, rules, by-laws, procedures, etc. will be governed by the Constitution and By-laws. The constitution may be changed only through the process described here. A member of the WCYBL may make motion to the Board in writing of the desire to change the constitution.

The Board will review and vote on the proposal. A majority vote will be required for the proposal to be presented to the membership. A membership meeting will be held no less than one time per year (usually prior to the beginning of the season). Two weeks notice will be given to the entire membership announcing the time and location for the meeting. A member of the WCYBL may also make motion to change the Constitution from the floor during a membership meeting.

By-laws may be changed by a majority vote of the Board of Directors in attendance at a scheduled Board meeting.

A majority of Board Members will constitute a quorum. A quorum must be present to conduct any official league business.

Board meetings will be directed by Robert’s rules of Order.

ARTICLE V – Board Officers

BOARD OF DIRECTORS – The management of the property and affairs of the league shall be vested in the Board of Directors. The Directors shall assume responsibilities upon the completion of tournament and all star play and shall continue in office until their successors have been duly elected and qualified. The Board’s membership will consist of the members listed below with the duties as outlined for each. A Board Member may be dismissed by a two-thirds vote of the remaining Board Members for unsatisfactory performance of his/her duties, violation of the League or WCPR code of ethics, or missing three consecutive Board meetings.

Any Board vacancy will be filled by the President with approval of the executive committee.

PRESIDENT – The duties of the President will be to...

1. Preside at all league meetings.
2. Assumes full responsibility for the day to day operations of the league.
3. Receives mail, supplies, and other communications to the league.
4. Assure that all league personnel are properly trained on all rules, regulations, and policies of the WCYBL.
5. Propose league budget.
6. Handle all protests and communicate with the Parent Advisory Board.
7. Call league meetings, including but not limited to Board meetings, membership meetings, registration, drafts, and coaches training.

VICE-PRESIDENT – The duties of the Vice-President shall be to...

1. Preside in any and all meetings and league business in the absence of the
2. Is an official member of all committees.
3. Carries out duties and assignments as assigned by the President.
4. Organization and coordination of uniform ordering and distribution.
5. Other duties as assigned by the President.

SECRETARY – The duties of the Secretary shall be to...

1. Maintain a register of members and directors.
2. Record the minutes of meetings.
3. Communicate meeting time and location to directors and members when
4. Maintain record of league activities.
5. Other duties as assigned by the President.

TREASURER – The duties of the Treasurer shall be to...

1. Monitor the budget.
2. Dispense league funds approved by the President.
3. Sign checks.
4. Reports on the status of league finances to the Board of Directors.
5. Maintains league books and financial records.
6. Procure and maintain insurance at the director of the Board of Directors.
7. Other duties as assigned by the President.

DIVISION COMMISSIONERS – There will be one commissioner for each Primary and Div. I, II, III, IV, and V. Commissioners for other divisions will be members of the Board of Directors. The duties of the commissioners shall be to...

1. Collect all applications for league participation for their prospective division.
2. Organizing applications for drafting procedures.
3. Determining team size and number of teams for division.
4. Act as a liaison between the Board of Directors and the membership of their prospective division.
5. Handle all day to day operations of their prospective division, including but not limited to practice schedules, game schedules, coach recruitment and training, and any other league business.
6. Responsible for keeping all scores and league standings.
7. Report to the Board any issues or problems with their prospective division in a timely, objective, and professional manner.
8. Other duties as assigned by the President.

DIRECTOR AT LARGE – The director at large will serve as a voting member of the Board of Directors and shall fulfill whatever duties are assigned by the President.

PARENT ADVISORY COMMITTEE – If interest in participation warrants, the parent advisory committee will be made up of one parent representative from each team from each division and will elect from its membership a chair person. The chairperson will act as a liaison for the parent representative to the Board of Directors and the parents of their prospective division. The Parent advisory representative will be responsible to...

1. Act as a liaison between the parents of their division and the Board of Directors
2. Assuring that necessary information is communicated to all parents.
3. Be responsible for acting as a clearinghouse for problems and /or suggestions

A team parent committee member may be replaced by a petition of 60% of the parents from his/her team or may be replaced by the Board of Directors for non-participation or non-administration of their duties.

ARTICLE VI – Formation and Division of Teams

The league will consist of children that meet the following qualifications...

• PRIMARY league – Level 1 – 5 & under; Level 2 – 1st and 2nd graders who have not reached 8 years of age prior to October 1st.

• DIV. I – P-4 (3rd grade) and 4th grade children who are between the ages of 8 and 10 years of age on October 1st.

• DIV. II – 5th and 6th grade children who have not reached the age of 13 by October 1st.

• DIV. III – 7th and 8th grade youth who have not reached the age 15 by October 1st.

• DIV. IV – 9th and 10th grade youth who have not reached the age 17 by October 1st.

• DIV. V – 11th and 12th grade youth who have not reached the age 19 by October 1st. prospective division. limited to practice schedules, game schedules, coach recruitment and training, and any other league business. timely, objective, and professional manner. on all matters pertaining to league operations. from parents.

ARTICLE VII – Team Responsibilities

Teams and players will abide by the following guidelines:

1. No team may begin practice until the Board of Directors gives them permission to do so.
2. There will be no changes, alterations, or revisions to the practice schedule without prior permission of the Board.
3. Teams may have no more than one scrimmage prior to the beginning of the season.
4. After the season begins, teams may have no more than three contacts per week (Monday through Sunday, including games).
5. When school is not in session for any reason (snow, holidays, etc.), there will be no practice, scrimmage, or games. Violation of this rule will result in dismissal of the Coach.

ARTICLE VIII – Conduct of Players, Officials, Coaches, and Spectators

Any individual participating in an WCYBL sponsored event (including practice, game, meeting, tournament, all-star event, etc.) will be responsible to follow the Code of Ethics adopted by the Warren County Parks and Recreation Department and will be subject to the disciplinary standards of this Code of Ethics. That code is recreated here, but changes implemented by the WCPR will prevail if a conflict arises.

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